Oral Cancer Screenings

Your dentist plays a much more important to your oral health than you may realize. Not only will your Rock Rose Dental professional in Roseville, CA, look after your teeth and make sure they are in pristine condition, your dentist may also perform health screenings. This can include oral cancer screenings.


An oral cancer screening is done for patients in the dental office that have a significant risk of developing oral cancer. A cancer screening is done to find cancer in its early stages, making successful treatment more likely. Without an oral cancer test from a medical professional, you could have oral cancer without knowing it. The longer you take to receive treatment, the more dangerous oral cancer becomes.


When your dentist needs to perform a screening for oral cancer, you do not need to worry about preparing for it. When your dentist performs a screening, they will look within the mouth, as well as at the face and neck, to spot any abnormalities. When the dentist takes a thorough look in the mouth, they will be trying to spot any patches of red or white on the tissues. Knots or bumps will also be screened for.

Your dentist will need to touch the area as well, making sure that there are no issues that they cannot see. If your dentist detects any issues that may be a sign of oral cancer, further testing may need to be done. A biopsy could be recommended of any abnormal tissues to make sure that they are not cancerous.

If you are concerned about your oral health as well as your overall health, consider visiting your local Roseville, CA dentist so that a Rock Rose Dental professional can take a look at your mouth. Your dental expert can perform an exam as well as cleaning to make sure that your teeth are pristine. Once the cleaning has been done, you may ask your dentist about the risks of developing oral cancer as well as what to look for when you assess your mouth at home.

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