Multiple Tooth Implants

When a smile has gaps in it, folks are less willing to show off their winning grin because they feel self-conscious. This is a perfectly natural sentiment and easy to understand. The answer to filling in gaps is with prosthetic dentistry, and one of the best ways to do so is with multiple tooth implants because these implants provide a level of sturdiness that isn’t found as easily with partials and dentures. At Rose dental clinic, our prosthetic dentists are able to get patients the different information needed on implants to make a great decision. Implants will get you smiling again – something everyone wants to see.

The process of getting dental implants starts with the consultation. During this consultation, there will be x-rays and other procedures that will determine how fit a patient is for implants. Because implants are a bit of an involved procedure, there needs to be an assessment of whether the patient can handle the procedure that creates the pocket for the implant to be placed in. Furthermore, if the bone where the implant would go is compromised, the implant won’t work because it will have the same fate as the original tooth.

As for the benefits of implants, there are a ton of benefits for patients. The first is that implants look and feel just like regular teeth. When you smile with your new implants, folks won’t know that some of those teeth are prosthetic. Maybe those who know a patient well can distinguish, but many others won’t. For the person with implants, the tooth acts the way it would in a normal mouth. Chewing will be the same as if there were real teeth in the mouth. This is where implants are quite successful – folks can’t tell after a while where the real teeth end and the implants begin. Because the implants are created to be like real teeth, they have the same type of coloring and function.

If there are gaps in your smile, don’t spend your life just living with them. Get the dental implants you need so that your smile will be just as glorious as it was with your real teeth. Our staff is ready to help you get going, so give us a call and we will help you find out if dental implants are for you.

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