Digital Diagnostic X-Rays

One of the oldest ways for any medical professional to get an idea about a patient’s health is an x-ray. The basic idea is x-rays show an image of inside the body that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. In dentistry, x-rays are critical to treating patients, and at Rock Rose Dental, our team is equipped with modern x-ray technology that will render beautiful digital diagnostic x-rays helping the team assess what’s going on with the teeth and giving patients the best course of action. These x-rays are better than anything that has come before, and with the ability to truly review the x-rays, dentistry has been changed in many subtle ways.

Understanding the purpose of the x-ray is critical to knowing why the digital diagnostic x-ray is so important to dentists. Teeth are fairly small and while dentists may have tools that magnify the appearance of the tooth, they can’t see the internal structure of the tooth. Basically, a tooth can look quite healthy on the outside but there could be some small areas where decay could be taking hold, or a cavity could be present. This shows up on x-rays. Having this information allows dentists to make precise diagnoses and ensure that a patient’s dental health is headed on the right track. X-rays are used to check work and make sure the initial diagnosis was indeed correct.

Digital diagnostic x-rays take the usefulness of x-rays to another level. Where x-rays were once put on a backlight in a dark room and evaluated with the dentist’s eye for detail, today’s digital x-rays are so much more versatile. The first thing to notice is the x-ray goes right into a tablet or smartphone. This allows the dentist to zoom in on the x-ray and check for any abnormalities that may not be present when looking at the bird’s eye view. Having access to x-rays that show the tooth in great detail helps dentists get the right treatment protocol with greater regularity.

Every time a patient gets a cleaning – which should be every six months – they should get x-rays. This will provide documentation of how healthy your teeth are and if there are changes you should be concerned about. Call the office today to set up an appointment.

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