Dental Sealants

When it comes to your family and their smiles, you probably want them to be as protected and healthy as possible, right? At Rock Rose Dental, we feel the exact same way and want all of our patients to have healthy and protected smiles! For this reason, we recommend applying dental sealants, for most of our patients that are interested in additional protection for their pearly whites and smile. Not quite sure if dental sealants near you would be the right option for you and your smile? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Rock Rose Dental. We’d be happy to provide a consultation to determine if our dental sealants are the right option for you.


Dental sealants are a preventive dental care option that creates a barrier between your teeth and the elements in your mouth. Each time we eat food, bacteria in the mouth begin to generate acid and plaque. When not properly removed, this can actually lead to tooth decay and cavity formation. Dental sealants are a BPA-free, liquid plastic that is usually either tooth-colored or clear. Your dentist will paint the dental sealant directly on the chewing surfaces of teeth, allowing a barrier to be formed.


Take a look in your mouth and at your teeth, do you see all those depressions, pits, and grooves? These are the perfect areas for debris, bacteria, plaque, and tartar to thrive. With tooth sealants, a barrier is created, preventing your teeth from being damaged.


When it comes to getting sealants for sensitive teeth, the entire process is quick, simple, and comfortable. Your dentist will paint the dental sealant directly on the teeth, allowing it to dry. Once dried, dental sealants harden and create a barrier that can last for years.


Ready to protect your family’s smiles with dental sealants in Roseville, CA? Contact our dental clinic in Roseville today to schedule your appointment. We would be more than happy to evaluate your smile, teeth, and overall oral health to determine if dental sealants would be the right option for you.

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