Dental Crowns

Your teeth can change a lot over the years, which is why it’s important to visit your dentist regularly. Your local Rock Rose Dental professional can provide you with the dental treatment needed to make sure that your teeth are healthy, and they stay that way. If teeth have been injured, decayed, or damaged in any way, a dental crown by Roseville, CA, dental experts can restore your teeth and keep them from further problems. If you don’t know much about dental crowns, let’s explore a bit about them and why they are important for your oral health.


A crown is used to cover the tooth and protect it from trauma, damage, or decay. They are placed over the tooth that needs treatment, keeping its structure intact and protecting it from further damage. Crowns are used by your dentist to replace the crown of the tooth and replace it with a prosthetic that looks just like your natural teeth. Your smile will be restored, and so will the functionality of your bite. Your crown can be made of different kinds of materials, such as composite resin, gold, porcelain, ceramic, or metal.


Your Rock Rose Dental professional might recommend a crown for your teeth if they have been weakened, cracked, or broken in some way. Your Roseville, CA dentist may also suggest a crown be applied to your tooth after a root canal has been performed or if the tooth does not have enough enamel for a filling to be placed. A crown is used to restore the alignment, appearance, strength, and shape of your teeth. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful smile and won’t have to worry about removable appliances.


Crowns keep the structure of the tooth protected. Your dentist will shape the affected tooth and take a dental impression so that the crown can fit onto it properly. Once the crown has been made, your dentist will apply it to the tooth and use a special dental cement to bond it to the tooth. With the help of a Rock Rose Dental expert in Roseville, CA, you can have a brilliant smile.

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