Dental Bonding

If you have minor issues with your teeth, dental bonding may be suggested by your Rose Dental Care professional in Roseville. Bonding involves using a putty-like material to shape and harden teeth, restoring their function and improving your smile.


If you’re experiencing dental issues, bonding may be recommended by your dentist to restore teeth and prevent further damage from occurring. Dental bonding can be used for several reasons, including:

  • Repairing teeth that are decayed
  • Repairing chips or cracks in teeth
  • Improving the appearance of teeth that are discolored
  • Closing spaces that are present between teeth
  • To elongate teeth
  • Reshaping teeth
  • Act as an alternative solution to amalgam fillings
  • Protecting the root of teeth that have been exposed due to gum recession


First, your dentist will prepare the tooth for bonding. When the tooth has not had the decay removed, the enamel will not be shaped, or if it is not chipped near a nerve, you will not need local anesthesia, and the procedure can be quite comfortable.

Before applying the bonding material, your dentist will find a shade that matches your teeth. Then, once the color has been matched, the surface of your affected tooth will be roughened using an abrasive solution. Once it is rough and the bonding solution will adhere to the tooth more securely, the material is applied and then shaped so that it looks like your natural teeth.

Your dentist will smoothen the tooth and then harden the bonding material. After this, it will be trimmed and further shaped to make sure it looks natural. The process takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour, giving you an improved smile in no time.

If you believe you could improve the look of your smile and fix other minor issues with dental bonding, schedule an appointment with your Roseville dentist to speak with a Rock Rose Dental professional about your oral health. Our experts can take a look at your mouth and make recommendations on the best course of action for your teeth.

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