If you have been looking for an orthodontic treatment that doesn’t involve unsightly and uncomfortable metal wires, ClearCorrect is a great option. This treatment consists of a series of clear aligners that gradually change the position of the teeth. Rose Dental is proud to offer this program to patients who want a straighter, more beautiful smile in Roseville.


Orthodontic treatment in general works by applying a small but steady amount of pressure on the teeth to slowly change their position along the gum line. ClearCorrect does this with custom-made aligners that follow a specific treatment plan. Each aligner is slightly different and gently guides the teeth into a straighter position.


Only a ClearCorrect provider will be able to start your treatment in Roseville. Rock Rose Dental can assist with this, using a doctor’s prescription, which is required for ClearCorrect, and monitoring treatment as it progresses. The shape of your teeth will be captured through x-rays and photos. Impressions will also be taken to create a treatment plan and custom aligners.

For successful treatment, you will be required to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day. It’s recommended that the aligners only be taken out to eat and for cleaning. If they are taken out when you eat, however, you will have to be extra careful about cleaning your teeth afterward – any particles left on the teeth will be pressed close to the teeth surface when the aligners are put back on, which can lead to tooth decay. Keeping the aligners on for as many hours as possible will give the teeth and gums enough time to adjust to their new position. The treatment plan will dictate how often you change aligners, which is usually about every week. You will need to see your doctor at Rock Rose Dental periodically throughout your treatment so that they can monitor your progress. By the time you have reached the last aligner, you will have achieved the straight smile that you were looking for. A retainer will be necessary to maintain the new position of the teeth.

To learn more about ClearCorrect aligners and determine whether or not this system is right for you, contact Rock Rose Dental in Roseville for a consultation.

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