Regain Oral Function with a Dental Implant

Regain Oral Function with a Dental Implant

The loss of a tooth can cause a lot of uncertainty and decreased oral function. Even if you have adapted to the reduced function and any changes in the appearance of your smile that developed as a result, it can leave a gap in your mouth that may result in additional oral health complications. We can help you regain full oral function and enjoy a full and beautiful smile by providing a custom dental implant.

If you have lost a tooth, the surrounding teeth can begin to affect the rest of your tooth alignment by increasing the chances of the development of a fractured or chipped tooth due to changes in your bite pattern.

Fortunately, Dr. Hang Truong and Dr. Asma Sajid can provide a dental implant complete with a dental crown to replace a missing tooth. Over the years, dental implant treatment has become increasingly more popular so that it is now one of the most common options for dental restoration following tooth loss.

To place the dental implant in your smile, our dentist will need to perform a procedure that may involve sedation. We utilize titanium for the dental restoration because it offers a special ability to bond with your natural bone structure and create a very strong anchor point to keep your new tooth durable for years and years.

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