February Is When of the National Children’s Dental Health Month Makes Its Appearance in 2020

February Is When of the National Children’s Dental Health Month Makes Its Appearance in 2020

Would you believe that a year has already gone by to bring the 2020 National children’s dental health month in February? It was held in 2019 by the American Dental Association encouraging children to brush and clean in between their teeth to build a healthy smile. The slogan coined by the ADA for 2020 remains the same and perhaps the only changes that can be observed are in the age of children that participated in this campaign a year ago. Thousands of professional dental providers, healthcare professionals, and teachers will be promoting the benefits of good oral health to children, their parents, teachers, and many others. The ADA is making a concerted effort to promote good oral health among children many of whom are affected by dental problems even before they reach their preteen age.

How Can NCDHM 2020 Help Children?

The objective of the ADA is to promote good oral health along with the many remedies that are available for children to prevent problems with cavities, plaque, and tartar. In 2020 the ADA is promoting fluoride added in water as a treatment against cavities and asking children to get it from the tap. They have already printed posters sized 12″ x 18″ with English on the front and Spanish on the back. The poster can be downloaded from the website of the ADA or even ordered from the coordinator of CAAP. However, people will be limited to just 200 posters if they are ordering physical shipments of the same. No restrictions have been placed on the number of posters that can be downloaded from over the Internet.

Why Is the ADA Conducting This Campaign Again after Just a Year?

The ADA believes that good habits and attitudes established early in life are critical for maintaining good oral health throughout their life. They attempted to promote this message even in the 2019 NCDHM along with the program planning guide that offered resources to promote the benefits of good oral health among children along with free promotional materials that were made available in English and Spanish which could be ordered or downloaded. The participants in 2019 included the dentist open on Saturday near you as well as the dentists near you that already had all the information about how children should be taught to maintain their oral health. A campaign being repeated in just a year may prompt skeptics to question whether the ADA had failed to promote the message they intended and the exercise was being repeated as a publicity stunt? However, it must be understood that neither the ADA or the dental professionals that participated in 2019 have failed in their efforts. It is just an ongoing method of educating parents, teachers, and others on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene among children which is increasingly noticing a downward trend. Therefore, this body must be commended for initiating the campaign again in 2020 with the slogan brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile.

How Can Parents, Teachers, and Others Benefit from NCDHM?

They can collectively attempt to teach children the benefits of brushing not just the tops and sides of their teeth but also in between to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that has the potential to cause cavities in the mouths of young children. The cavities will expose children to dental work which can be prevented and may even affect their smile if their teeth need to be extracted for any reason.

The objective of NCDHM is clear and it is to help children build a healthy smile for themselves by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Until this moment posters about the fluoride treatment are available but the ADA may well decide to introduce posters about dental sealants that are also needed by children. The ADA has vast resources of information which they would be looking forward to promoting through the campaign which has already attracted attention from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Such is the popularity of the NCDHM that even the dentist in Roseville, CA, is participating to provide exceptional dental care to families with children. They are offering an entire range of services tailored to meet individual goals and needs. Regardless of what the skeptics have to say about NCDHM 2020, the campaign has already grabbed the eyeballs of many and is certain to educate parents and children about maintaining good oral hygiene.